Dark Armpits: Summer Care

Armpit care is highly important, especially during the warmer months. Some people choose to embrace armpit hair, while others wax, sugar, and laser those pesky hairs away. Another form of care is anti-odor sprays and sticks that can yield perspirant and tone down any unwanted fumes. Lastly, hyperpigmentation under the arms. This natural skin issue can be bothersome to some people, and are looking for a way to even out the skin in that area.

Why Are My Armpits Dark?

Your health can also play a role in skin changes too. For those of you that don't know, science has found a connection between dark spots and diabetes, and darker armpits can sometimes be a symptom for the condition. Studies have shown that people who are diabetics have a higher propensity due to  insulin interfering with pigmentation in the skin. This matter can also have an effect on people with PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome, a disorder that affects hormones and can cause overgrowth of skin which will make your pits more pigmented . 

On top of genetics and underlying health conditions, deodorants and antiperspirants have ingredients that can irritate the skin. When the skin is inflamed it can lead to irritation, thickening and darkening the skin over time. A lot of antiperspirants use aluminum as an active ingredient, which clogs the pores and sweat ducts, darkening the skin. If you have sensitive skin stay clear from fragrances or products with alcohol, both of which can be harsh on sensitive skin. 

Another cause of dark spots are razors. Shaving, especially on dry skin or with a dull blade, can cause the skin to become dark over time. It is best to see a hair removal specialist that can properly remove the hair without causing dark spots. Under the arm can be genetic, so sometimes it is inevitable to have more melanin in certain areas of the skin. Your skin color is determined by pigment cells in the skin called melanocytes. The more the cells multiply, the more they can turn the skin a darker color. It is a proven fact that the darker the pigment in the skin the more prone to hyperpigmentation.


Your underarms should naturally be about the same even tone as the rest of your skin. Dark underarms usually aren’t a sign of anything serious, but some people may find them embarrassing. Summer is approaching and there are ways to reduce the issue naturally. 

Often, treating the medical condition that caused your dark underarms will fix the issue. A combination of medicines and home remedies could help lighten the color.

Natural Ingredients

If you are looking to reduce dark spots and brighten the skin under your arms, it's best to use products with ingredients with turmeric, licorice, and lemon. A few natural remedies have been promoted for lightening pigmented skin, including:

  • Turmeric
    • Contains antioxidants 
    • Anti-inflammatory components
    • Lightens the skin
  • Licorice Root
    • Is an antioxidant
    • Protect your skin against damage from UV rays
    • Prevents premature aging.
  • Lemon Extract
    • Lemon juice naturally contains vitamin C
    • Help reduce skin damage and premature aging. 
    • Decrease oil on the skin and reduce inflammation and antifungal

These ingredients haven’t been proven to lighten dark underarms naturally. Talk to your esthetician or dermatologist before using any natural remedies to know what products work best for you.


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