D.E.E.P Skin Detox Challenge 2018!!!


We're planning on having a great skin year in 2018!  Join Us for the next Skin Detox Challenge! We begin January 10th!

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and many things can affect its appearance-genetics, sun exposure, smoking, diet, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, injuries, illnesses and the environment. Yes, that's a lot to keep in check! So, We're Diving D.E.E.P. Into Skin Health to Detox thoroughly, and begin 2018 on the right track. 

D.E.E.P. Skin Detox Challenge

What's  D.E.E.P Detoxing?:

Diet You are what you eat. And your diet can heavily affect your skin. With sugar, soy, gluten, and synthetically processed foods being the main culprit for skin flare-ups. We'll show you how to not only remove these skin triggers but what to eat to make skin GLOW! VIDEO recipe tutorials will be included! Trust that they will be yummy!

E xercise :  Exercise improves circulation and oxygen to the skin which generally makes it healthier and more attractive. Sweating clears the pores and helps remove toxins. With all you do during our week, it can be hard to get moving for your health. But we'll help you get going in the right direction with tips and strategies that anyone can use to get oxygen flowing and skin GLOWING!

E motions: When you're depressed or worried you tend to neglect your skin. You often lack the energy and motivation to adhere to their skin care regimen, which itself can exacerbate problems. Under stress, you can succumb to overeating, drinking, and smoking, all of which affect the skin, causing dryness, a dull complexion, and blemishes. We'll be providing strategies to keep you emotionally balanced!

roducts: Your skin is the largest organ of your body and since it is porous, it absorbs whatever you put on it- up to 60% of it in fact! Skin absorption is so potent that an increasing number of medicines are in patch form. Applying creams and oils is NO DIFFERENT from eating them because they enter the blood-stream regardless if they are ingested in the mouth or absorbed through the skin! We'll be showing you what to avoid, and what products to add to keep you in the clear!

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    Hello good day,can someone who is pregnant use ur face product? Why I ask is bcos I want to know if is going to work on someone who is pregnant.or should the person wait after delivery she can purchase.please I need quick respond.thanks

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