Common Skin Conditions

Did you know there are more than forty very common skin disorders that people suffer from every single day? It gets a lot more complex than just oily, normal, and dry skin. We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of acne, eczema, warts and cold sores. These skin conditions are relatively mainstream and easy to treat with over the counter remedies. But what about conditions like erysipelas, actinic keratosis, folliculitis, or keloids? Maybe not so familiar right? No worries beauties! As usual, we’ve got you covered. Today we’ll go a little more in depth and explain what folliculitis and keloids are, how they start, how to treat and properly care for these skin conditions, and options for prevention.


Folliculitis is the inflammation or infection of one or more hair follicles. Folliculitis is triggered by bacteria and fungus entering your system through a broken hair follicle, scrape, cut, or abrasion on the skin.

While folliculitis can be treated with over the counter remedies like bacitracin ointment, prevention is always the better route. Be sure to maintain a well-balanced diet and keep your immune system strong so your body can effectively fight the bacterial infection. If you are prone to folliculitis, be sure to cleanse your skin thoroughly each day to prevent bacteria buildup. Our Sulfate Free All-Over Wash would be the perfect daily method of prevention.


Keloids are excessive fibrous scar tissues. They usually occur over or around the site of a previous scar, incision or burn. Keloids develop as a result of your skin repairing itself and there being an overgrowth of tissue.

While there isn’t necessarily a way to prevent the development of keloids; there are options for helping you deal with the discomfort if you experience any at all. Keeping your skin moisturized with oils like our best-selling Royal Oil, will soften the keloid tissue, essentially making it less itchy and inflamed.

Learn anything new today? We want to continue to serve as a resource! Which skin conditions would you like to learn about next? Share with us below and glow on beauties!


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