Cold Weather Skin Savers

Fall is officially here, and winter is right behind. And when you think about winter and cold weather, you think dry skin, irritated noses, red cheeks. Cold weather is a reminder of the unfavorable skin conditions you endure during the colder temperatures. The focus is how to keep your skin healthy and happy.

Benefits from Cold Weather

  • Keeping your pores clog-free.
    Cold weather can help reduce clogged pores because it acts as a tonic or astringent. This will keep your pores less visible and more refined. Cold weather also slows down and prevents the secretion of sebum, which helps reduce acne.
  • It can improve your sleep.
    Getting a full night’s sleep is necessary for skin health. It is believed by sleep scientist that a much cooler room results in a good night’s sleep. Proper rest can reduce under eye circles to making sure your complexion stays glowing.
  • It can reduce puffiness.
    It is stated that cold weather promotes blood circulation in both the face and body, having a positive effect on reducing inflammation and swelling to the eyes and face.


Protecting Your Skin in the Winter

Winter can be very harsh to your skin, especially your hands and face. There are fantastic steps to avoid the chapping and flaking that comes with the cold weather season.

Resist taking extremely hot showers and long bubble baths, both could remove your skin's natural oil barrier, causing it to dry out more easily. It is highly suggested that the water temperature should be between the high 90's and 100 degrees, no higher.

Immediately after bathing, apply an ample amount of body, lotion or body oil  to your skin to seal in the moisture, which keeps your skin soft and smooth. For daytime, use nourishing products with sun protection, such as our Melan-In Skin Nourishing Lotion. The sun's rays can still cause skin damage, even in cold weather months.  So, remember to always continue to practice your daily skin care regimen to keep your skin protected.

Washing your hands frequently is highly essential to avoid spreading cold and flu germs. Remember to moisturize your hands after each rinse to avoid flaking, cracking and or chapping. And always wear warm gloves when outdoors and protective ones when using cleaning products or washing dishes.

Your lips are just as important as the rest of your body. So please don't neglect your lips, because they too can also fall captive to dryness. Use a little lip balm to prevent chapping, and to protect your pout.  And for goodness sakes, resist licking your lips if they are dry, because that will increase dryness. Moisturizers not only help reduce the occurrence of dry lips (the most sensitive skin area on your body), they also reduce the irritation caused by dryness such as lip chapping.

If your skin is easily irritated, try your best to avoid heavily scented products and harsh deodorant-type soaps. Wear cotton or silk clothes next to your skin before layering on wool, hemp or cashmere fabrics.

Remain proactive to keep your skin protected from the harsh elements of winter. Do your best not to wait until you see signs of dryness. Develop a daily skin regimen to keep your skin smooth and moisturized

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