Cleansers: Choosing The Best for Your Skin Type

You may wonder and often ask yourself, “how in the world do I choose the best cleansing products for my skin?”  Trust, this task isn’t as always as easy as it sounds. Especially when it comes to selecting the safest, and most beneficial cleanser for your actual skin type. We can sometimes guess what may work, but for arguments sake, let's take the guessing piece out of it, and learn what works best for the various skin types commonly known. Your skin type is usually due to genetic predisposition, but there are habits that can exacerbate a skin condition. Pinpointing your skin type and understanding the ways to properly treat it can help you achieve clear, healthy-looking skin for a lifetime. Each skin type has a specific set of characteristics and symptoms, and thus requires special attention.

How Cleansers (Actually) Work

Cleansing is one of the most important steps in our skincare routine. It removes grime and impurities from our faces, in hopes to avoid clogged pores, while allowing the goodies in our serums and moisturizers to better penetrate the skin. Cleansers work (and by the way, this goes for your laundry soap, hand soap, body wash and more) by changing the PH of your skin to make the surface more alkaline instead of acidic. By doing this, it loosens things up and allows you to release dirt/makeup and more from your skin. It also uses a technology called “surfactants” to attract dirt and more away from your face. The secret to effectively cleaning your skin (vs other things like shampoo and laundry soap) is to not dry it (your skin) out too much. If you over strip your natural oils from the face it can age you faster and even sometimes cause you to overproduce oil in a reaction to dryness.

It’s almost a given that most of us do wash our face every day. If you’re not washing it every day, then the first thing you should start doing tonight is wash your face each and every day - twice a day.  We encounter so much throughout our day; your skin needs to be properly cleansed to avoid avoidable issues. 

How to Choose the Best Cleanser for Your Skin Type?

You should never just pick a random cleanser from the shelf when you’re looking for what works. If it’s not formulated for your skin type, it may cause worse skin issues than what you began with. So, how do you choose the right formula? First, you must absolutely know your skin type to avoid selecting the wrong products. Your skin could be oily, dry, normal, sensitive or a combination of them all. You can consult a dermatologist,  reach out to our expert staff or take our skin quiz to discover your skin type. Once you’ve identified which category you fall under, you can choose the best cleanser product for you. 

Here are some tips below:

SKIN TYPE #1: NORMAL - Normal skin doesn’t normally have a great excess of shine, and it also doesn’t tend to be cracked or flaky.

SKIN TYPE #2: OILY -  Those with oily skin tend to notice a great deal of shine on their face and may deal with terrible acne breakouts.

SKIN TYPE #3: DRY - If you have dry skin, you may feel a tightness in your skin. There may also be scaly patches or flaking. Those with dry skin generally have almost invisible pores and may suffer from premature wrinkles and regular irritation to the skin.  

SKIN TYPE #4: COMBINATION - Combination skin features two or more different skin types on the face, and typically presents with dry and flaky skin on portions of the face, with excessive oil on others.

SKIN TYPE #5: SENSITIVE  - Sensitive skin types may exhibit the characteristics of dry skin, oily skin, or combination skin, but they also deal with a great amount of redness and irritation

Here are some examples of  different types of cleansers for different skin types:







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