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Summertime is right around the corner and that means it is officially bikini season! All winter, you’ve been thinking and dreaming about the opportunity to slay those killer outfits screenshotted on your phone for a couple of months and just bask in the beautiful sun. While laying out and being naturally re-charged by the sun is undoubtedly a great time, you must be aware of the risks that come with sun tanning. Yes, even for our melanin-rich beauties. Check out our post on how to properly suntan and heal from sunburn HERE!

Now, let’s refocus. Before we get too excited about the weather and bikini season, we have to ask, what have you been doing to treat your skin well all winter? If the answer is nothing, that’s not a good thing. It’s always a good idea to remain consistent with any regimen you start for the best results. Thankfully, all hope is not lost and we have the perfect remedies to take care of it. If you didn’t slack at all this winter season, then you are already prepared! Today we will recommend a few body care systems and also provide you with some useful and effective bath time tips.



Everyday Essential Set: The Flawless Body System

When You Need a Deep Clean: D.E.E.P. Skin Detox Box



DO’s: Cleanse your skin with warm water, exfoliate gently with a body brush while washing, moisturize your body immediately after bathing.

DON’T’s: Cleanse your skin with steaming hot water, use the same towel all week, neglect the moisture replenishment of your skin.

Do you feel completely prepared to glow up yet? Excellent! We knew you would. Now that you have a complete routine for your body, you can’t forget about your face! Check out our favorite facial care systems HERE.

Glow on beauties!


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