Bitter Beauty

When you hear the word “bitter”, it pretty much comes with a negative connotation and impression. Bitter is a word we use to describe something that left a bad taste in your mouth. Or maybe it’s someone who is vengeful and disgruntled. Think about that person who has a chip on their shoulder and is mad at the world for it. The very last thing you want to be described as, especially if you’re a woman of color, is bitter. Now let’s switch gears, what if I told you that bitterness could heal? Not the bitter attitude, you can lose that; I’m talking about BITTER HERBS baby! Bitter herbs are master healing plants produced by none other than the good ole Earth.

 Healing Skin With Bitter Herbs

Bitter herbs can be used in many ways! From topical skin treatments to ingestible recipes, these herbs can be used to create medicine. Remember those old African and Native American folktales where there was a “healer” for every tribe that people would go to when they got sick? Yep, even the ancestors were using bitter herbs way back when. No pharmaceuticals, just plants; it worked. There are over 50 bitter herbs, today we’ll just cover three of the more popular ones and provide you with a topical skin treatment recipe!   

CHAMOMILE: Chamomile is great for treating eczema and acne. It also reduces the visibility of scars and blemishes. This can also be used to treat minor burns. Want youthful skin? Get some chamomile!


MILK THISTLE: Milk Thistle is highly effective in fighting all cancers, especially skin cancer. Prevents skin flare-ups, reduces inflammation. Excellent herbs to consume for its awesome anti-aging properties!


WORMWOOD: Wormwood sounds gross, we know, but it does so much good. It’s one of the strongest bitter herbs on Earth! It kills cancerous cells and parasites, fights malaria, and even has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties; making it an awesome cleansing herb!



-1 Bottle of Original Royal Oil

-Bitter Herb of your choice


DIRECTIONS: Take a few pieces of your bitter herbs and put them into your bottle of luxurious Original Royal Oil. Allow the herbs to infuse with the oil for about ten days and voila! You just made your first topical skin treatment. Happy healing!

 Healing Skin With Bitter Herbs

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