Beware of Too Much Exfoliation

What exactly is exfoliation, and what are the true benefits of this process?

  • Exfoliate - wash or rub (a part of the body) with a granular substance to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin.

The benefits from this process is that it can significantly improve the results of your daily skincare regimen and help to rejuvenate your skin.  And while this method of removing excess and dead cells from the surface can bring new life to your complexion, it is important to beware not to over exfoliate the skin.

Our skin normally sheds after the dead cells reach the epidermis. Properly exfoliating the skin helps to prevent the pores from becoming clogged and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and clean.  Maintaining a regular regimen not only helps remove dead skin cells and keeps your pores clean, but it also improves blood circulation. Skin types will determine how often you may need to exfoliate, such as oily skin vs. dryer skin.

Types of Exfoliants and Tools

It is very necessary to select to best products to exfoliate your skin. Also, what you use to exfoliate your body is equally as important. When deciding be aware of your skin type and understand that there are two types of exfoliants: physical exfoliants and chemical exfoliants. For best care practices we encourage all natural physical exfoliants verses the chemical exfoliants.

Physical exfoliants are probably most common to you. This would include using a washcloth or loofah, along with certain body washes infused with scrubbing beads. However, we suggest that you try our Dead Sea sponges or Dry Boar Body brushes, these tools are also a great choice to get positive results in clean healthy skin. 

The best suggested use of motion when exfoliating your body, would be to be in a circular motion. You may also consider selecting a more sensitive exfoliating product for your face.

Natural Exfoliants

There are many options to select from for natural exfoliants. Below are ingredients you may include in many of the products that you choose to use.  

Fruit Seeds and Fibers: Can be added to your shower gels, body and foot scrubs.

Nut and Seed Meals: These can be added to a variety of ingredients, such as:

  • Essential Oils
  • Honey
  • Cream
  • Clay
  • Mild Liquid Castile Soaps

Oil and Wax Beads: These are great and the perfect combination with body washes, soaps, and scrubs.  Be sure to try The Original Royal Oil, which is one of our best sellers.

Salts: Salt water bathing help promotes good health and beautiful skin. It is very stimulating as it hydrates the skin, and removes impurities, while soothing dry skin.

  • Bolivian Pink Salt
  • Dead Sea Salt
  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Sea Salt
  • Epsom

Sugars: Sugars can be used to sweeten up your exfoliate body scrubs. This option provides gentle to medium exfoliation and can be used for both facial and total body scrub formulas. Organic, Demerara, and Turbinado are the natural sugars used to create the sugar scrubs. Sugars go exceptionally well to blend with essential oils and lends itself to an array of wonderful fragrances and aromas.

Some of our most popular sugar scrubs:

  • Brown Sugar and Tea Tree Peppermint Acne Fighting Facial Scrub
  • Brown Sugar and Honey Scrub
  • Green Coffee & Sugar Scrub

How Much is too Much

There are so many options to choose from when you search for the perfect products to start your weekly regimen.  You may feel the need to exfoliate more than it is necessary. However, you do want to beware and avoid over doing it.  To achieve great results and obtain the healthiest possible skin, you want to practice a method and schedule that suits your skin type.  While skin types, age and conditions such as climate play a factor in how often you exfoliate.

It is recommended to exfoliate no more than twice a week, which is enough to ensure healthy skin.

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