Before You Pop Your Pimple, Read This

Do you remember first time you noticed a small skin blemish on the face?  How quickly did you realize it was what is known as pustule, a pimple aka acne? Did you resist picking, popping or squeezing it? Did the small blemish steadily enlarge as if defying your control measures (picking/squeezing)? Did you worry that more of the same blemish could erupt and enlarge to cover wider skin areas causing you pains, discomfort and cosmetic concerns?

Most, if not all, of us have experienced some types of acne. And we've all probably come to realize with regret that acne reoccurs. Chances are that you tried some DIY treatments and didn’t get any better. This could be your story as a teenager years back or as an adult. As we mentioned in our last blog, The Butter Bar Skincare has developed a range of skincare products to enable you treat acne and its effects. Our Acne Kits & Bundles are custom-made, high grade products which provide natural solutions for every skin type affected by acne.

Acne is considered by many as a minor skin problem. However, a review of medical literature on acne, its complications and health dangers prove that acne is no small skin problem. Chances are that you have popped a pimple and didn’t experience any serious complications. Well, be warned that popping pimples anywhere on the body, especially on the face, could endanger your health and cause death. 

Acne is more than just a skin blemish as it varies in type and severity from the common to severe types. Acne is described as a hair follicle clogged with dead skin cells and oil. Hair follicle is the small canal through which hair grows from inside the skin to appear on the skin. Attached to the follicle is sebaceous gland which secretes sebum (an oily matter) into the follicle to lubricate the hair and skin. As skin cells outlive their lifespan, they undergo programmed death (apoptosis) and are shed off. During this natural exfoliation, some dead skin cells become trapped by sebum in the follicle. Buildup of this skin cell debris and sebum clog the follicle to cause bumps under the skin or the noticeable bumps on the skin. To make matters worse, germs can also be trapped in bumps where they grow and multiply to cause infection of the bumps. Pimple is a type of acne with infected skin bump.

Here’s how your picking and squeezing acne could worsen it and endanger your health. Pressure you applied when picking or squeezing acne causes tissue inflammation which makes infection more likely. Applying this pressure on an already infected bump will cause the infection to spread to surrounding skin or underlying tissues. Infected skin bumps on healing usually mark their spots with difficult-to-clear scarring and hyperpigmentation. Open skin wounds resulting from squeezing, picking or popping acne bumps could become infected with airborne germs, dirty hands and dirty makeup brush. Infected common acne types could transform into more severe forms that cause extensive skin tissue damage requiring expensive skin specialist treatments. Some of these more severe acne types include papules, pustules, nodules and cysts. Pimples are small-sized pustules or papules appearing on the skin as red, painful bumps with pus at their tips.

You should follow the advice of skin specialists not to pop pimples at home as doing so could endanger your health and life. While popping pimples anywhere on the skin has health risks, popping pimples on a small face area medically referred to as Danger Triangle of the Face or Triangle of Death is extremely dangerous and could cause death. This face area consists of both corners of the mouth, the nose and nose bridge as shown on this blog's cover picture. The skin in this area have blood vessels (veins) that connect with veins of the brain. Popping a pimple in the Triangle of Death could introduce infection into the brain through the interconnected veins. Brain infection is a serious condition which could lead to permanent damage or paralysis of some body parts or death.

I urge you to take some time to reflect on the dangers of popping pimples. This will help you understand that Acne Is No Small Skin Problem. It is on the background of the various health dangers associated with acne that June every year is designated National Acne Awareness Month to generate public awareness on a skin problem which some people still struggle to understand because of intergenerational myths and misconceptions surrounding acne. So, it’s that time of the year again for you to receive refreshers on acne including skincare solutions for acne. While there are many acne skincare products made with various ingredients, The Butter Bar Skincare products are specially made with natural ingredients to help you treat acne, prevent future acne breakouts; brighten dark spots and reduce scarring following acne. And what’s more, you will Enjoy 20% OFF of ALL Full-Size Acne Kits & Bundles you purchase all through June.




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