Beauty Secret from the Himalayas

From calming irritated skin to discovering the delights of deep, blissful relaxation, read on and discover the simple way to transform your beauty routine -- overnight.

Ancient Salt Sourced From Deep Within a Mine

The Khewra Mine, located in the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan, is the oldest mine in the world —dating all the way back to the early 13th century. A major tourist attraction, the Khewra Salt Mine consists of a warren of 25 miles of tunnels, home to a mosque, an electric train and an asthma clinic. There is even a post office for workers made out of salt bricks. Deep within the mine, a delicate rose-colored salt is harvested -- known to us as Himalayan Salt.

The unique qualities of this magical salt lie in the transformative properties of 84 minerals, including iron, zinc and magnesium. Bathing in a Himalayan salt bath is a unique experience, and one that is recommended immediately before bedtime. Trust me: You will be so relaxed after bathing in these gorgeous pink salts that you will be capable of nothing but sleep!

Let me explain. Detoxification occurs through osmosis and when you bathe in a Himalayan salt bath you will encounter the following benefits:

  • A blissful sense of deep relaxation reached through the temperature of the bath water being equal to body temperature.
  • Magnesium, known as the "relaxation" mineral, helps regulate blood circulation, resulting in a deep feeling of equilibrium in the body.
  • Skin pH is balanced and skin is exfoliated while sensations of soreness are smoothed away.

Luxuriate in a Salt Bath

Fill the bath with body temperature water, add in a cup of Himalayan salts and a cup of whole milk, then 10 drops of lavender oil followed by 10 drops of juniper berry oil, and then simply lie back and soak for 20 minutes. Why 20 minutes? It takes this amount of time for dermal absorption to occur. As your skin is softened, magical pink salt works hard at drawing out heavy metals and toxins.

Once your 20 minutes is up, carefully step out of the bath and wrap yourself in a warm towel or luxurious robe. It is a good idea to sit for a few minutes before standing up. Take the time to notice any changes in your body before lying down for an indulgent nap or, if it is bedtime, settle down for a night of deep rejuvenating, restorative sleep.

Get Gorgeous Glowing Skin

Considered best in class for all natural skincare, Himalayan salt is used in a bounty of DIY skincare recipes. A known natural antiseptic, exfoliator and deodorant, Himalayan salts work hard to balance skin's pH while softening skin.

A Lesson in Exfoliation

Slough away dead skin with our very own Dry Boar Body Brush. To use, simply brush your body in upward sweeping movements, starting at the ankles and going all the way up to the armpits. This will assist with lymphatic drainage.

To exfoliate your face, all you need is a handful of ingredients:

  • one cup of Himalayan salt
  • 1/2 cup of fractionated coconut oil
  • a handful of dried rose petals
  • 10 drops of geranium oil

Simply mix all ingredients in a bowl, then gently scrub your face, making sure to splash off excess with cool water.

From health-giving salt lamps to salt boards and beyond, there is no end to the ways in which you can use Himalayan salt in your household. Always make sure to have a supply of salts on hand.

Super-charging your beauty routine is easy when you adopt this age-old beauty secret that has been around for millennia.

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