Avocado!!! You can put that stuff on anything! Isn’t it amazing when you find out about an ingredient or item that you could literally just pour over your whole life because it is literally that amazing?! What makes it even better is when that item is affordable, easy to find, and also delicious. Now I get it, not everyone has joined the avocado craze. But let me tell you if you don’t love to eat it you will love what it does for your skin. Avocado holds a host of benefits outside of just avocado toast! Let’s explore, shall we?

Avocado or avocado oil is actually a common ingredient you often will find in many moisturizers, creams, and sunscreens. Avocado oil is loaded with omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins A, D, and E.

The following benefits are provided through the use of avocado oil: 

  1. Moisturizing/Nourishing- the outermost layer of your skin, the epidermis, easily absorbs potassium, lecithin, vitamin E and many other nutrients found in avocado oil. 
  2. Relieves inflammation from eczema and psoriasis- Antioxidants and vitamins in avocado oil helps to heal dry, irritated, and flaky skin often experienced with eczema and psoriasis. 
  3. Prevent and treat acne- Using avocado oil for a short period and then rinsing with warm water can help to hydrate skin without leaving oily residue. In addition, it can be used on active breakouts as it contains anti-inflammatory effects.  
  4. Speeds up wound healing- The fatty acids and oleic acid in avocado oil can possibly help speed up wound healing by promoting collagen synthesis. Collagen synthesis is the process of creating new connective tissue.
  5. Treats sunburns- The antioxidants in avocado helps to ease symptoms of sunburn. 
  6. Reduces signs of aging- Healthy fats, found in avocado, help the skin to retain elasticity. 
  7. Improves the look and feel of nails- Avocado heals dry, brittle nails.  
  8. Helps to reduce dandruff and improves scalp health- Using avocado as a hot oil mask on your scalp can reduce dandruff and other dry skin issues. 

Avocado can also be used in many different ways. Of course it can be ingested, massaged into the skin as an oil, or you can add it to your creams, moisturizers, and even your bath water! In addition the benefits it provides to your skin, avocado or avocado oil has been proven to help prevent health issues such as diabetes and high cholesterol. It even used in one of our best-selling Royal Oil!  


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