Aloe: Skin’s Best Friend in the Sun

Aloe Vera is full of antioxidants and skin healing properties. It is great for rejuvenation of the skin. This Zinc oxide filled natural sunscreen heals and soothes the skin. Aloe Vera, an effective antimicrobial is often an ingredient in cosmetics and skincare products.  Aloe Vera has prickly leaves which, when crushed, give a jelly-like substance containing water, vitamins, proteins and other compounds. It has a bitter taste but is known for centuries to regulate body temperature. It contains vitamins B, C, E and A. Healing properties are also attributed to this gel, which is known to eliminate toxins from the body due to the presence of acemannan (a carbohydrate).

Benefits of Aloe for your skin

There are two parts of aloe vera that can be beneficial. One of them is the yellow residue called, latex , which is found underneath the leaf of the plant. The other one is the famous gel, which is found in the core of the plant. The result is brighter and healthier looking skin. 

Aloe vera gel is a good moisturizer, as it contains Vitamins C, E, and A.  Aloe has the ability to help enhance dermal moisture by absorbing rapidly into the skin and even helps to retain your skin’s own moisture.  Also, Aloe does not add oil to the skin that can block pores.  The result is brighter and healthier looking skin. Try our Aloe Papaya Moringa Oil Facial Moisturizer: 

Another great skin care benefit of Aloe is its ability to naturally support our body’s antioxidants that help to suppress oxidative stress.  You know the term “free radicals”?  Well, they cause the cells in your skin to become damaged over time.  Antioxidants help reduce the potential damage done by free radicals.

Perhaps what aloe is best known for is its calming and soothing effect on your skin.    It naturally nourishes your skin to keep is healthy and soft to the touch. Aloe is great for treating wounds and burns. Aloe gives relief to burnt skin including sunburn. If you have stayed too long out in the sun, then apply the gel of aloe Vera or its natural soap to soothe your burnt skin.

If you have minor abrasions, cuts, bruises, etc. you can take a small amount of the Aloe vera gel and apply it over the wounds. It provides an immediate cooling effect and hastens the healing process. This is the reason why Aloe vera was used for burns in ancient India and China. Another interesting thing to note is that it can be used by all skin types and causes no allergic reactions.


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