Acne Causes You May Be Overlooking

Acne can be a constant issue regardless of how carefully you wash your face.  You may also typically think of diet and or stress related factors to be contributes of acne. As well as hormonal responses to your body which trigger acne breakouts from time to time, especially during pre and menstrual cycles. However, in many cases, it’s the result of overlooked causes.

You do the same for your body. Meaning you wash ever inch of it in hopes that you are squeaky clean.  You even treat any pimples that appear promptly and never pick at or mess with any bumps from acne breakouts. Yet the acne keeps coming back. Why??????

There is not always a scientific answer to the question. But sometimes the cause of an annoying and or an embarrassing acne breakout may be something you had never really linked with the problem at all. There are several reasons or causes, which may be more related to your behavior or routine that may be adding to your acne dilemmas without you even realizing it.

Overlooked Causes of Acne

  1. You are Applying Your Makeup the Wrong Way

Although you make sure the make-up and facial cosmetics you purchase are labelled as non-comedogenic (because comedogenic means pore clogging and clogged pores can lead to acne),  and you bought a lightweight foundation so that your pores would be able to breathe... You even cleans every evening with a gentle PH balanced cleanser. Yet breakout still occur.

Have you really thought about it.. You apply your makeup with your fingers.Which throws all your acne intervention methods out of the window. Why? Because your hands and fingers are bacteria magnets. Even when your hands are newly washed, they can attract bacteria in seconds. They are also kind of oily (which they should be, to prevent wrinkles). So, when you use them to apply cosmetics, especially foundations, the chances are good you are transferring lots of bacteria to your freshly washed face, setting yourself up for an acne breakout.

A great alternative is always to use a CLEAN makeup sponge or brush.  And clean and replace them on a regular basis too, as they also attract the same bacteria that you really want nowhere near your face. Once applied,  keep your hands away from your face as much as possible for the rest of the day, both to keep that freshly applied makeup looking great longer and to prevent nasty breakouts.

  1. You Aren’t Changing Your Pillowcase Often Enough

Even if you are cleansing your face thoroughly before bed, as you sleep dead skin cells and oils deposit on your pillow, even if you can’t quite see it - it is there. And then the next evening, when you settle down to sleep again, some of that “old skin” will inevitably transfer back onto your face, potentially clogging pores leading to acne. And the longer you use the same pillowcase, the worse the problem may get. 

  1. Your Significant Other has a Beard

While bae’s facial hair may look very attractive on him, it’s not always that good for your skin. Why? Well when you kiss, and your smooth skin is rubbed by that prickly beard your skin releases extra oil to try to prevent damage. That extra oil can then lead to a pimple or two that you really didn’t expect.

To help keep your skin soft and irritant free,  you can request and suggest your significant other use a proper beard conditioner so that kissing him isn’t such a painful – and potentially skin damaging – affair.

  1. You Skipped your Shower After your Workout

You work out several times a week.  You are hot and sweaty and since we are in the winter season, you really don’t want to catch a cold from taking a shower then going out into even colder temperatures. So, you figure you’ll skip the after-gym shower and wait until you get home.

But you make it home and get distracted or answer that phone call you've been waiting for...before you know it it’s time for bed and then you finally get around to that shower, but the damage may already be done.

Because during all that time you were still covering up your skin with sweaty clothes, dead skin and dirt was working its way into your pores causing acne and irritation. So, take that extra five minutes to shower right after your workout, your skin will thank you for it.

  1. You are OD’ing Your Skin with Acne Products

You may be over doing it with skincare solutions to alleviate you from the woes of these acne breakouts. You continue to try different products, which may be the problem by doing your skin more harm than good. Use your cleansers, toners and moisturizers sensibly and in moderation. Additionally, don’t scrub at your skin too hard either. Exfoliation will help heal acne but only when it’s gentle. Aggressive rubbing and scrubbing will only spread bacteria from pimples around, potentially leading to the development of many more.

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