Flawless Facial 2017: 21 Day Skin Detox Challenge!

With us heading into the 2nd part of the year, there are always opportunities for new beginnings- and that goes for your skincare routine as well! So, I thought it was due time for another Skincare Challenge! As you know, from reading my previous posts, the skin is the body's largest organ, and it is constantly in contact with the elements.

Pollutants and dirt from the environment can clog your pores, and toxins from your diet can cause your complexion to suffer. Summertime fun make us susceptible to alcohol, sugar and salt overloads, and lazy skincare and makeup habits (not to mention sleep deprivation and dehydration as well).

Seasonal detoxification routines can brighten skin and reduce acne and redness, as well as dry, dull skin, flaking, or just overall poor-looking skin. Detoxification may seem daunting, but a few small changes to your diet and skincare routine can greatly improve the look and feel of your skin. We Will Be Detoxing From Chemicals and pollutants through the month of August 2017 to get us on the right foot for a fantastic skin year ahead!

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  • Posted by Maliha on

    Morning, regarding the challenge. I have a full bottle of the black honey, tea and moisturizer, and brown sugar. Can I just purchase the other products?

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