Exfoliation For Foot and Leg "GLOW"

We are now at Part 3 in our Exfoliation series and we are getting down to business on legs and feet today. I know that during the colder months, we sometimes neglect my legs and feet and just throw on jeans and thick socks instead of addressing the ashy, flaky, elephant in the room. Bit, in order for our skin to "GLOW", we must pay attention to every area of our bodies, if we want them to look good during the warmer summer months!

Speaking of being ready to rock a killer swimsuit, our legs need extra TLC.


While exfoliating’s main goal is to get you nourished, healthy skin, scrubbing up your gams once or twice a week has two other major benefits:

  • Dry brushing your legs is believed to help reduce cellulite thanks to increased blood flow from the exfoliation process!
  • And....Are your ready for this? Pre-shave exfoliation (in a circular motion) makes for a closer shave and less ingrown hairs. It also helps razors last longer because they don’t dull from dead skin!!! (Hell yes!!!!!)

And, whether trying to clean them up for sandal season or nourish them during cold weather months, our feet need exfoliating to stay soft.


Long days in heels or uncomfortable shoes without socks can harden your soles and leave your toes screaming for a pedicure. Exfoliating will make the skin softer and clean up edges around the nails, leaving you with a better polish job and less chance for hangnails and cuticle buildup.

Foot care the Butter Bar


  1. Choose the method you want to use for exfoliation. Pick an abrasive body scrub with ingredients such as salt, sugar and oatmeal, or you can choose to use regular soap with a loofa or an exfoliating glove.
  2. Get into a warm bath or shower and thoroughly wet your legs with water.
  3. Scrub your legs in an up-and-down motion with your chosen method of exfoliation. Apply moderate pressure when scrubbing so that you lift the dead skin -- but avoid being too harsh, which can cause irritation.
  4. Rinse your legs well to remove any soap residue and then, if shaving, shave your legs with your chosen method of shaving while your legs are still wet.


  1. Fill a small foot spa (Try:Conair Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights, Bubbles, and Heat) tub or basin with warm (not hot) water. For every six cups of water added to the basin, add one cup of milk (a natural exfoliating and nourishing additive). Soak your feet for at least 20 minutes, allowing the milk's lactic acid to soften the skin.
  2. Pat your feet dry gently with a soft towel. Follow up with a scrub formulated specially for the feet. These scrubs contain granulated ingredients, such as Dead Sea salt, sugar or crushed nut powders, which work to gently loosen and remove dead skin. Massage it into the skin in a circular motion, paying special attention to the extra-rough spots on the heels and big toes.
  3. After rinsing, apply a rich foot cream (if done before sleeping) or a non-greasy lotion (if done at any time of the day) and pull on a pair of socks to seal the moisture in.

Several different products are specifically designed to remove dead skin cells from the feet. They include the following:

  • Pumice Stone: This course, granulated stone is the ideal beauty tool for dry feet. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and several are attached to a handheld wand for ease of use.Try: Mr Pumice
  • Foot Scrubs: Specially formulated to work their magic on the feet, foot scrubs typically contain ingredients that stimulate circulation and condition the skin while sloughing away dead skin cells. Try: Pepper-Mintz Sugar Scrubz
  • Exfoliating Creams: Similar to regular moisturizers, these foot creams provide a little something extra for tired, worn out feet. They penetrate the skin with intense moisture and gently exfoliate over time, providing extended relief. Try:Shea Sugar Whipp in "Dreamsicle" 
  • Try a DIY citrus scrub every other night on your heels and then all over when about to re-polish your nails

And there you go! GLOWING legs and feet!


  • Do not scrub vigorously! A soft touch is all that's needed to notice nearly instantaneous results.
  • After you exfoliate, make sure to follow up with a rich moisturizer to support, calm and soothe the skin! Try: STRAW-BURRY R$CH BUTTER (VEGAN-FRIENDLY) 


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