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Exfoliation: The Missing Skincare Secret to "GLOW"

March 28, 2016 1 Comment

Exfoliation: The Missing Skincare Secret to

You can imagine, I get asked all the time, "How can I get the clearest skin that "GLOWS"?" and "How can I get that "GLOW" to my skin that I see other women and celebs get?". The answer is always the same- "Drink plenty of water, exfoliate, stay moisturized, and leave chemical product ALONE!" 

Well, most people take notice of the water, that's easy. They splurge on the best moisturizers (I have my own bias on what they are. Haha). And they even, for the most part, will leave those damn chemicals ALOOOONE! But for some reason, which up until now I had no idea why, they will still not exfoliate. 

What I've come to realize is that the reason why some of us still aren't exfoliating, is because nobody has really ever explained WHY we should be exfoliating or how to do it correctly on each part of our body. 

Now Let me start off by saying that exfoliation is KEY to having the "GLOW-iest" skin possible! It is not optional, it is a MUST! And i will give you the #1 reason why: As we age our body’s  natural exfoliation slows down, meaning dead skin cells, clogged pores and the likelihood for an uneven complexion are more prevalent. Exfoliating gives you a natural glow, helps stimulate blood circulation and literally, it breathes new life into your skin! 

Skincare Exfoliation

Now, who doesn't want to look like there skin is smooth as a newborn baby, everyday? You can have that, if you would just add this simple step into your skincare routine. I want to take us on a journey to learning how to exfoliate each part of our body's skin the right way and with the right tools. So we can have that GLOW we all know that we want to have. Summer is not far away, ad glowing skin is the best beauty accessory you can have. It truly compliments anything and everything you can wear! 

Stay tuned to this Exfoliation Series over the next few weeks and I will walk you through how to finally get Flawless Skin and GLOW!

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  Glorea Brown
Glorea Brown

September 23, 2016

Hello I was reading some of the reviews in the most were good I did see a share of bad ones about the Flawless Advanced facial system my skin is sensitive and I just don’t want to make sure my face breaks out even more because I’m pregnant so is it possible that I can get my money back if it does not work for me

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