6 Reasons To Remove your Makeup

Special events drive pretty much everyone crazy. You spend weeks preparing your outfit, deciding on a hairstyle, you’ve done pretty much everything to make sure the night is perfect. The special day comes, you have the time of your life. At the end of the night, you return home to your beloved bed and crash. You couldn’t bring yourself to do your normal nighttime skin care routine because you were just that exhausted. Makeup wipes? Not a chance, you’re down. When you finally recover your body and have slept through what seems to be a pretty well rested night; you head to the washroom only to remember that you didn’t take off your makeup before bed! And now you have a cake face.

Cake Face: Dry, crusted, old, worn, uneven makeup application.

This is a huge skincare NO NO beauties. While you may have had the time of your life at that party, your skin doesn’t have to suffer afterward. Check out our six reasons to never fall asleep in your makeup below!

  1. You’ll ruin your sheets and pillowcases: diminish the chances of being upset by just removing the makeup before bed, totally not worth having to wash again.  
  2. You run the risk developing an eye infection: the false lashes/mascara irritate your eye and can cause some serious problems if you aren’t careful.
  3. Speeds up the aging process: the harsh chemicals in makeup literally sucks the collagen right out of our faces, essentially speeding the aging process.
  4. Diminish the skin of its natural oils and moisture: the harsh chemicals in makeup also cause your skin to become really dry which is why it’s so important to use a nourishing primer like our Melanin Skin Nourishing Serum.
  5. You’ll clog your pores, indefinitely: we all know that clogged pores are a breeding ground for breakouts.
  6. You also run the risk of having irritated skin: the prolonged wearing of makeup can cause your skin to be inflamed from extended exposure.

Always remember beauties, the health, and integrity of our skin depends on us being consistent with care. Never slack on cleansing and nurturing your skin regularly. Keep it fresh and glow on!

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