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5 Shaving Hacks for Smooth, Nick-Free Legs

July 20, 2017

5 Shaving Hacks for Smooth, Nick-Free Legs

For my Beauties who like smooth hairless legs, shaving your legs regularly is a must! However, frequent shaving means you run the risk of nicks, irritation and unsightly razor bumps.To get the best shave possible, use the following five shaving hacks for smooth, nick-free legs. 

1. Shave Downward, Then Upward

Conventional wisdom tells you to shave with the grain. Shaving with the grain is a very good idea if you have the time and skill to figure out which way the grain is going. However, most of us hop into the shower and try to shave our legs as quickly and efficiently as possible. So the best alternative to shaving with the grain is to shave downward, then upward. Experts suggest that shaving downward first is better for those with sensitive skin and gives an all-round closer shave than shaving your legs upward only.

2. Don't Use Soap for Shaving

The problem with using soap for shaving is that it is too dry to work as a good lather and is not much better than dry-shaving. If you don't want nicks or razor bumps, buy a shaving cream or gel to use on your legs. It doesn't matter whether the shaving cream is for men or women; either type works.

Shaving Legs

3. Replace Those Razors

Disposable razors are disposable for a reason. It's easy to keep using them and forget to throw them away. But to have the smoothest shave possible, you need a sharp blade. A good rule of thumb is to dispose of your razors after three shaves. If you're using a reusable razor, then you will want to change the blades after three shaves at the minimum as well, though some dermatologists suggest you can go longer. If you see any rusting or dulling of the blades, regardless of how many times you've used them, you should immediately replace the blades or razor.

4. Wet Legs Are Essential

Just save yourself the pain and the headache and don't dry-shave your legs. Dry-shaving irritates and harms the skins, leaving your legs open to nicks and razor bumps as well as general discomfort and itchiness. Take the time to thoroughly wet your legs and apply a shaving cream before you begin shaving.

5. Exfoliate Before You Shave

For a closer shave, exfoliating beforehand helps eliminate any dead skin cells while preventing nicking while shaving. Once in the shower, take two to three minutes to dampen your legs and gently exfoliate your skin. When you're finished, dry your legs, then apply you’re your shaving cream or gel and then begin to shave. Try this all-natural Straw-Burry Sugar Scrub, which is perfect for pre-shaving exfoliation and smells delicious!

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