4 Sneaky Snacks That Cause Skin Flare-Ups: Spring Clean Your Snacks

Beauty, I gotta tell ya. I love some snacks! I am what you would categorize a “grazer” and not an actual “eater” of meals. I will slowly graze all day long, picking up whatever tickles my fancy and I think will feel yummy in my tummy. I mean, thick thighs save lives, right? But unfortunately, bad snacks can attack! Check this out:

Sneaky Snack #1: Milk & Cookies

Harmless childhood snack. We all love some milk and cookies now and then. Oreo, chocolate chip, or white chocolate Sausalito if you’re bougie like that. They’re all great and go perfectly with a glass of cold milk. Sadly, due to the farming practices with our cows, the milk we drink is full of unnecessary hormones now days. And these hormones (which they are literally pumping into the cows), can trigger acne flare-ups and eczema. Think about the last time you had your period or were pregnant. Your hormones were probably way out of whack, and BAM! Huge zit on your face. Steer clear or cow’s milk. It just isn’t worth the skin or health risks associated with it.

And those beloved cookies? Well, unless you grabbed a box of sugar-free or an organic brand from Sprouts Market, you probably are just eating (not so) pure sugar and fat! Now, if you are like me and don’t watch the scale, this may not sound so bad. But the fact is, your body can not process all of that refined sugar and saturated fats, so it tries to get rid of the toxic crap through your pores. Bummer!

The Switch Up: Organic Honey-Sweetened Granola (The real kind, not the kind with all the sugary stuff in the cereal aisle) & Almond Milk (Or any other Non-Dairy Milk, Except Soy (again, hormones).

Sneaky Snack #2: Chips & Soda

Now, we all know chips and soda are bad for us. The sneakiness comes in with how addictive these 2 are. You say you’ll only have a few chips, and then the entire bag is gone. I mean, you can’t just eat one- or so they say. And soda? Oh, my dietary nemesis, soda. You say you are only having one with the chips because they taste so good together, and then you’re bolting for the door to grab a 12 pack of Pibb from the grocery store.

Why do we have these irrational reactions to this salty and sweet duo? Caffeine and sodium are the culprits! Not ot mention all the synthetic colors, flavorings, and other junk they sprinkle in to make it even more like crack! These 2 foods alone can take down even the strongest willed, kale smoothie drinking; fruit infused water-loving Beauty any day! And the result? Caffeine dehydrates your beautiful skin leaving it dull and dry, and the sodium backs it up by sucking the rest of the water out of the skin. The saturated fats get built up, and now you have dry skin AND acne! You might as well just rub that greasy chip bag on your face and wash it off with the soda. Don’t fall into the trap Beauty, just walk away.

The Switch Up: Kombucha & Hummus w/ Pita Chips Pita chips will take care of the crunchy craving, and kombucha (fermented tea) will tickle your nose with bubbles as you snack away!

Sneaky Snack #3: Mac & Cheese

By far my favorite food in the entire world. Mac & cheese is the epitome of what comfort food is. It’s warm, bubbly, cheesy, creamy, a little crunchy on the top sometimes, and it makes your tummy feel happy and loved……Okay, I had my moment. So, why is this God-given gift to the food world so bad? You may have guessed it- dairy! The hormones! Damn those hormones! And most store-bought pasta is full of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) that could do any number of damages to your skin, and system overall. Pasta also tends to have gluten, which for some can cause skin rashes, and eczema flare ups if they are allergic. I hate to say this, but it should probably get skipped……or at least saved to have only occasionally.

The Switch Up: I have no switch for this. I mean, Quinoa? My plan: I pray over my mac & cheese extra hard and use a detox face mask before bed. Amen!

Sneaky Snack #4: Peanut Butter and Jelly

If you haven’t already clicked off this blog and grabbed your milk & cookies and flip through the new Essence mag, you would be interested to know that there is a study that found a correlation between peanut butter and people with acne. The only problem was, they could not figure out what the exact trigger in peanuts was to say why it happens. It will also interest you to know that they also found this amongst nut-eaters across the table. Many nuts are GMOs so that it would make sense. But I think PB&J may be easier let go than some of the previous listings.

The Switch Up: Seed Butters (Like Sunflower Seed) and try to stay with All-natural preserves, instead of sugary jelly!

So, that’s the sneaky little list. I hope you aren’t too mad at me. If you are, drop me a line, and if you appreciate the list, drop me one too. Make sure you're also following us on Instagram, so you can catch all the quick tips I deliver each day! 


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    Not my beloved peanut butter ??that’s crazy because peanut butter was one of my switch snacks from chipd. lol instead of chips I eat apples and dip them in peanut butter. ?

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