3 Skin Care Myths

Oily Skin Does Not Need A Moisturizer

It is believed that if you have oily skin you do not need a moisturizer. This statement is 100% false. Just because your skin produces natural oils does not mean your skin is moisturized or hydrated.

Oily skin is not hydrated skin. The natural oils your skin produces is a waxy substance, called sebum, that is produced by the sebaceous gland to help maintain the function of the skin. Hydrated skin is when water is absorbed into the layers of the epidermis to maintain its plumpness and elasticity.

Yes, a build up of this oil can lead to oily skin giving you a “glow” but that does not mean your skin is hydrated. If you have excess oily skin and strip these oils and don't bother to replace it, you are losing moisture. That does more harm than good for your skin in the long haul.

To clarify, people with oily skin need to moisturize just as much as any other skin type. Not applying moisture to the skin regularly can lead to inflammation, infection, and wrinkles.

The Right Skin Cream Can Help You Look Younger

We all want to look young forever, but the way our physical time clocks are set, aging is inevitable. That's why here at the Butter Bar, we encourage aging with grace. Women and some men, have spent all their lives finding the right skin care products that work best, but what is the “right” skin care product?

Your skin is a reflection of your health, your age, and your lifestyle. A common mistake people make when choosing a moisturizer is not addressing dryness. A lot of our products we use in our daily life like bar soap or laundry detergent have components that can dry the skin. When the skin becomes dry, wrinkle lines begin to form making you look older than your actual age. Look for a moisturizer that won't clog your pores or lead to irritation.

Using the wrong product with ingredients that aren't the best for your skin can counteract and not make the skin youthful at all. Traditional products that have retinol are good for the skin, but it can dry out the skin years down the line, especially those with sensitive skin. Even some natural ingredients like lemon juice, can strip the skin and cause dryness and flakiness.

There is no such thing as a moisturizer that can make you look younger, but there are lotions and creams available that can reduce lines and wrinkles in the skin. Everybody's skin is different, so if you want the best moisturizer for you, contact your dermatologist or ask your esthetician for any recommendations.

The More SPF The Better

Sun Protection Factor, better known as SPF, is a barrier that protects the skin against UV rays. This ingredient is found in not only sunscreen, but moisturizers as well. There are different levels of SPF numbers, and it is believed that the SPF 50 being the highest has the most benefits. Why do people think this? 

Because people think the higher the SPF number the longer they can be out in the sun, which is true to a certain extent. In fact, the SPF numbers tells you how many minutes the cream is effective before sunburn. So ideally, SPF 50 would take 50 minutes before the sun begins to burn the skin rather than if you weren’t wearing any skin protection at all. 

A lot of people believe that SPF is a sun shield and they can stay under radiation longer and not burn, which defeats the purpose of using the product. It's still important to use, however, very high SPFs create a false sense of security. People who have a history or high risk of skin disorders, SPF 50 may not even be enough.


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